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We are a small Oklahoman pomeranian company raising a quality Pomeranian in exotic and parti colors. We will be selling merles of various shades including parti orange, blue and grey and whites and blue. Our partis are usually tri colored we also will have a limited number of black and tan. We will also provide creams and blacks. Our Pomeranian puppies in Oklahoma will range in size from five to 10 pounds, with no guarantee of size. We feel a little larger Pomeranian is perfect for a family that might be looking for a quality Pomeranian. We have been raising dogs for over twenty five years and have now retired and downsized to only the best of the best. We are able to give each of our babies the love and devotion they deserve. We are looking for special people for our babies, if you are one of those special people you've got our number.

The description of a Merle is a Pomeranian that has at least three colors on their coats quite often they have blue eyes, the colors can be of almost any description, we have one who is blue, grey and white, then on the lighter side they can be orange white and cream with streaks of brown. The most expensive Merles have dark eyes and are very high priced although I prefer the blue eyes. The tri colors are Black,
 white and orange. These exotics are known for their heavy coats. 

The Pomeranian exhibits great intelligence in his expression and is alert in character and deportment. He is Double-coated with a short soft, thick undercoat with longer, coarse, glistening outer coat consisting of guard hairs. The front legs are well feathered and the hindquarters are clad with long hair, the feathered fan tail is one of their most attractive features.

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